Eco Flower Fairies

handmade Wool felt

Ambrosius Prodcom

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Eco Flower Fairies Causes

A percentage of our sales goes to Someș Foundation, which supports families in need in some of the poorest villages in Transylvania, helping them with food, clothing and footwear, building homes and getting electricity. The foundation also helps the children of these families to graduate school, while educating them to protect the environment.


With each Eco Flower Fairy doll that you buy and gets a home, you also help us to support several social and environmental projects that protect the future of our children ad flowers.

“What is an Eco Flower Fairy good at?” you might ask yourself. At least two things, we answer. To grace your home, and to touch your soul. It's not just an Eco Flower Fairy, it's the magic of sharing our humanity.
Thank you for supporting our causes!

We proudly donate to Stand for Trees, a community of people who are taking action to protect the forests and combat climate change. Think of it as a global, grassroots intervention to halt deforestation.

Somewhere in Transylvania, the Ambrosius Prodcom team of talented and hard working ladies spend many hours of work to hand make these small miracles called Eco Flower Fairy dolls.
When you buy an Eco Flower Fairy, you support a business that HELPS
* a dedicated mother with young children to secure her work from home
* a retired lady to stop worrying that her small pension won't pay for all of her bills
* a talented person with disabilities to proudly have a worthy job
* the Waldorf School in Cluj-Napoca to continue its art classes
* a school in a poor Transylvanian village to have warmer classrooms in wintertime