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Winter Fairies

How can some of our winter fairies miss these blog posts? Here's our first story. 

Snowflake Fairies

Our elegant Snowflake Fairies teach us that just like each and every one of their snowflakes, they are beautiful and unique at the same time, as we are all.

Did you know that a snowflake is either a single ice crystal or an aggregation of ice crystals that falls through the Earth's atmosphere?
Snowflakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Complex shapes emerge as the flake moves through differing temperatures and humidity regions, such that individual snowflakes are almost always unique in structure. Their wide variety of intricate shapes lead to the popular expression that "no two are alike".
Even if they appear white in color, they are actually made of clear ice. Their color is due to the diffuse reflection of the whole spectrum of light by their small crystal facets.




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