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Legacy Collection - 10th Anniversary Specials (Retail Only)

Ten years ago, in 2012, Eco Flower Fairies became the sole US distributor of the exquisite Ambrosius dolls handmade in Romania. Throughout these years we saved one doll for many styles and skin tones to be offered on this special anniversary year.

This collection is our legacy. Most of these styles have been discontinued and this is the last chance to get them. The rest of the styles haven't been put into production for quite a while and are hard to find. None of the last and this year's dolls are here, you can still find them in our regular collections. 

The prices are $2.00 above the ones of our other collections simply because this legacy collection is also a fundraiser. Profits will be donated at the end of 2022 to a Romanian charity that provides shoes, clothes and meals to children in need.


Thank you for supporting this project and for loving the Earth with us!

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