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Our Manufacturer

Eco Flower Fairies is the U.S. brand and sole distributor of Ambrosius Prodcom from Transylvania, Romania, that launched their first dolls in 1996. Ever since their manufacturing team of talented and hard working ladies have been spend countless hours of work to handmake with patience and love every single one of their dolls, including everything that you will see on this website.
To learn more about them please visit the About Us page.
For business inquiries outside the U.S. please contact   
Ambrosius Prodcom SRL
Str. Eremia Grigorescu, Bl. III, Apt. 30
Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, 400299
Phone +40-264-420935 (Romanian only)
Katalin Rita Pozsony, Owner
Cell +40 752 225 900 (Romanian, Hungarian, German and English)