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Red Mushroom Family (light skin)
Red Mushroom Family (light skin)
Red Mushroom Family (light skin)
Red Mushroom Family (light skin)
Red Mushroom Family (light skin)
Red Mushroom Family (light skin)

Red Mushroom Family (light skin)

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Handmade eco-friendly collectible Waldorf wool felt dolls

Type: set of dolls with bendable arms and legs
Skin tone: light (1 on our 1 to 4 scale from light to dark)
Father doll: 3.5", 0.3 oz, white hair, red mushroom hat, red outfit with green leaf collar, red shoes
Mother doll: 3 .5", 0.3 oz, red hair, red mushroom hat, white outfit with collar, red mushroom in hand
Girl doll: 2.5", 0.1 oz, long green hair, red mushroom hat, red outfit with white hearts
Boy doll: 2.5", 0.1 oz, short green hair, red mushroom bonnet, white outfit
Baby doll: 1.5", 0.1 oz, green hair, red mushroom bonnet, white outfit with collar
Feature: bendable arms and legs which will allow you to change their poses
Manufacturing details: hand sewn, head and body filled with recycled paper cores, baby body filled with wool, will not stand unaided
Environmentally friendly materials: wool felt, wool, cotton interlock knit, cotton thread, pipe cleaner wire, wood, recycled paper, non-toxic textile paint
Packaging: recyclable cardstock and biodegradable cellophane
Manufacturer: handcrafted in Romania by Ambrosius Prodcom SRL for Eco Flower Fairies, exclusive distributor for the United States

Warning: Choking hazard! This doll is for DECORATIVE purposes. It should not be used as a toy, as it contains small parts that can accidentally detach. Carefully remove and dispose of its cellophane bag before using it.

Disclaimer: This is a handmade doll. Because of that, while we strive for the same overall look, minor differences may occur between the doll that you purchase and the doll featured in the picture.

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