• Fun Size: They are about as tall as your pinkie: 2.5"!
  • Natural Beauty: Their hair is made out of natural wool!
  • Body Language: Their flexible arms and legs allow you to easily adjust their poses!

mother Earth


Wool Felt doll

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Environmentally Friendly Pledge

Get A Handmade Wool Felt Waldorf Doll For Each Each Season

If you would like to become our wholesale partner or you would like us to create a new custom handmade Waldorf wool felt doll for you, please Read More about our general information.

Wholesale Partnerships


Prickly Pear Cactus Fairy

Handmade Waldorf Wool Felt Doll

Eco Flower Fairies


Apple Fairy

Handmade Waldorf Wool Felt Doll

We pledge to handcraft each Waldorf doll out of environmentally friendly materials like wool felt, wool, cotton interlock knit, wood, glass beads and recycled paper.

Fun Facts

handmade Wool felt


Snowflake Fairies

Handmade Waldorf Wool Felt Doll



Baby Cherry

Handmade Waldorf Wool Felt Doll