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Learning Time with Eco Flower Fairies

Hazelnut Prince

Our clever Hazelnut Prince loves to make up funny rhymes. Guess what he said about his squirrel friends? You’re Nuts for Hazelnuts! 

Apple Fairy

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is the favorite saying of our delicious Apple Fairy, who is one of the most powerful health watchers!

Sunflower Fairy

Happy and cheery, our Sunflower Fairy will always lift spirits. Following the Sun, she teaches us about loyalty and staying true to who we are!

Red Poppy Fairy

Allow yourself to be charmed by our dazzling Red Poppy Fairy. She loves to be in the spot light, drawing everybody’s attention!

Calendula Fairy

Our Calendula Fairy loves to be punctual. It is very important for her to have her blooming events properly scheduled!

Bluebonnet Fairy

Our smart Bluebonnet Fairy always insists that it is very important to protect yourself by wearing a hat in the sun. She sets the example herself, with her trendy bonnet fashion!

Cherry Blossom Fairy

Our gentle Cherry Blossom Fairy is fascinated by clouds. In spring, her magic covers the Cherry trees in spectacular clouds of delicate flowers.

Easter Lily Fairy

Our royal Easter Lily Fairy is the spiritual overseer of purity, hope, innocence and peace. Her majestic white beauty will always inspire you to think of the greater meaning of Easter! 

Tulip Fairies

Since one of their tulips inspired a famous novel, our smart Tulip Fairies are very passionate about reading. Books about flowers are their favorite ones, of course!


Daffodil Fairy

Our bold Daffodil Fairy is the leader of the spring’s cheerleading team. She dares you not to smile when you picture her chanting “Hooray, hooray, spring is here to stay!”

Ocotillo Fairy

Our charming Ocotillo Fairy turns heads wherever you are in the desert, because she is the easiest to recognize. But make sure you don’t call her a cacti, otherwise you will be immediately asked to learn more about her!

Golden Poppy Fairy

Meet our merry Golden Poppy Fairy, who makes you fall in love with her joyous beauty every spring. She're really good at bringing a smile to every face!