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Daisy Fairy

Our innocent Daisy Fairy loves merry children skipping joyfully on the summer meadows among cheerful daisies in bloom. She makes sure that children and flowers are best friends forever!

Did you know that Daisy belongs to the Asteraceae family, which is a Greek word for "star"? Daisy or Bellis perennis is native to Europe, but widely naturalized in the Americas and Australasia.

The name "daisy" is derived from its Old English name, meaning "day's eye". This is because its petals open at dawn and close at dusk. Bellis is Latin for "pretty" and perennis for "everlasting". In Medieval times, Daisy was also known as "Mary's Rose".

Daisy is considered to be a flower of children and innocence. It is used as a girl's name as well as a nickname for girls named Margaret, after the French name for daisy, which is marguerite.

Bellis perennis has astringent properties and its juice has been used in homeopathy for wounds. Its flowers have been used as tea for treatment of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract.



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