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General Questions

What do you mean by eco-friendly dolls?
It means that all the materials used for our dolls are renewable and biodegradable, they will not harm the environment. Our dolls are handcrafted in the Waldorf tradition out of wool felt, wool, cotton interlock knit, cotton thread, pipe cleaner wire, wood, recycled paper, non-toxic textile paint, non-toxic felt glue. Their packaging consists of recyclable paper and biodegradable cellophane.
Is the height of the dolls measured with or without the flower on the head? 
It is measured without the head decoration, that's why dolls listed with the same height may actually appear as having different heights.
What do you mean by bendable arms and legs?
It means that you can bend a doll's arms and legs to get it into various poses, like holding something, sitting etc.

The description of some dolls says "bottom sealed with glued wool felt". How does that look like?
It looks like this:

Can children play with these dolls?
Yes, children ages 4+. We do not advertise them as toys, but as decorations. They contain small parts that can accidentally detach. After opening, carefully remove and dispose of their cellophane bags.

How do I leave a review?
Please go to the individual page of the doll that you purchased. After its description you will find a field entitled CUSTOMER REVIEWS. Click on "Write a review" and fill in the fields, including how many stars you think that the doll deserves (5 stars maximum). Your reviews will help us to build the reputation and the credibility of our business.    
Wool can be eaten by the larvae of certain moths. Is this the case of your dolls?
Unfortunately yes. We use wool felt for their outfits and natural wool for their hair, and wool is the main food source for these larvae. We don’t use any chemicals to prevent this to happen since the dolls are intended to be eco-friendly. The moth would lay eggs on items made of wool and then the larvae will feed on it until they turn into new moths. If the dolls are kept unpackaged in an open space like a shelf, toy basket etc., they should be fine. However, if you store for instance your Christmas dolls in a place prone to moth development, like your closet, you might have an unpleasant surprise to find a disintegrated doll next time you need them. We suggest that you keep the seasonal dolls in a Ziploc bag with a few cedar chips in it, that will repel the bug. In Romania we use a small piece of naphthalene for this purpose. Until now we only have one customer who had this issue. If this happens we will send you a free replacement. I found this article to help you to lean more about this common problem with wool derived products:

Wholesale questions

Do you offer wholesale to vendors outside the U.S.?
No, sorry about it. We are the U.S. brand and distributor of Ambrosius Prodcom SRL, a Romanian based manufacturing team and we limit our activity domestically. For wholesale inquiries outside the U.S. please contact via email the owner of the manufacturing team, Mrs. Katalin Pozsony, at katambro@yahoo.com.
Are there any other distributors of Ambrosius Prodcom in the U.S.?
No, Eco Flower Fairies is its sole distributor and we have offers for both wholesale vendors and retail customers.
Are the prices listed on your website your wholesale prices?
No, they are our retail prices. Please contact us for our wholesale offer.
Who can become your wholesale vendor?
Any online or brick and mortar store in the U.S. can get our dolls at wholesale prices. We also offer wholesale opportunities to persons who are interested in reselling them, as long as they place the minimum wholesale order.
What is the minimum wholesale order?
Our minimum wholesale order is 30 dolls.
What are your shipping terms for your wholesale vendors?
We offer free shipping for orders of minimum $400.00. For lower orders the shipping costs are passed on to the vendor.
What is the first step in becoming a wholesale vendor?
Please create a customer account. After that, according to your payment and packaging choices, the corresponding discount will be permanently added to your account.
What are your wholesale payment options?

We offer three payment options:
  • Net30 payment by mailed check due in one month from the delivery date.
  • Online Net30 payment via PayPal due in one month from the delivery date. For this option the 2.9% PayPal processing fee is passed on to the vendor.
  • Online immediate payment at checkout. For this option the 2.9% PayPal processing fee is split with the vendor and becomes a 1.45% PayPal processing fee that is passed on to the vendor.
How do you calculate your wholesale discount?
We calculate it according to the payment and packaging options, which gives us six options in total. The highest discount is for bulk dolls paid by check under Net30 terms, and the lowest discount is for individually packaged dolls paid under online Net30 terms. However the differences are very small. 
How can a wholesale vendor apply for a Net30 agreement?
First you need to have at least one order paid online before you can apply for Net30. After we agree upon your preferences regarding payment and packaging we will send you a customized form that needs to be filled out, signed and sent back to us.
What are your packaging options?
We offer two eco-friendly packaging options (recyclable cardstock and biodegradable cellophane):
  • Individually Packaged Dolls – each doll in a cellophane bag with their card stock packaging attached, ready for sale. The cardstock has a perforation that will allow you to hang the package on a rack with hooks.
  • Bulk Dolls without Packaging - bulk packed dolls without individual packaging materials (at our customer’s request, we offer free bulk cellophane bags).

What are your terms for custom dolls?
To create new custom dolls or to immediately put in production the out-of-stock dolls we require a minimum order of 50 dolls per model. The delivery time is up to three months.
What is the delivery time for the items in stock?
The items in stock are shipped within 3 working days or less, depending on the volume of orders. 

How can you tell how many dolls you have in stock for each skin tone for the dolls that come in more than one skin tone?
If you select the desired skin tone from the "Skin tone" drop down menu (which can be "fair, light, medium or dark"), the picture of that doll will become the main picture of the page. On its right, above the price, the inventory quantity will automatically get updated for that skin tone as well. If the doll is available in stock it will say, for instance, "We have: 10 in stock". If it's out of stock the blue "ADD TO CART" button will turn into a gray inactive "SOLD OUT" button.  

Returns and Refunds

What is your policy for returns and refunds?
Our products are guaranteed to be free from defects but we do accept returns if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Please mail the dolls back in their original unopened packaging. The cellophane bag will allow you to inspect the doll prior to opening its package, so you can easily decide if you would like to keep it or not. We guarantee your money back for the value of the returned purchase, but we do not refund the costs of the original and return shipping. 


Do you ship internationally?
No, sorry, we only ship domestically within the U.S.