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Story Time with Mrs.S

The Christmas Tree

Our little friends are putting up the Christmas tree. Just have a look and see how beautiful it is! 
Produced by ©The SeasonFairies And Friends

The Little White Feather

Mr. and Mrs. Mushroom leave Junior and Missy to babysit Baby Mini while they are out picking berries in the forest. Hmm, guess what is going to happen?

A Friend in Need

Chip, the forest gnome, goes out fishing for a day, but when he tries to get back home, he finds himself in trouble.

Summer Project

Mrs. S and her gnome friends have the perfect plan to make this summer even better. Watch them building a boat together and going on exciting boat rides with their fairy friends!

Home Sweet Home

Watch the forest gnome and his fairy friends build a cozy home in the pollard willow with a little bit of help from Mrs. S.


Story Time with Mrs.S

Eco Flower Fairies is beyond honored and trilled to launch "Story Time with Mrs.S"! Thank you, Sabine Van Deudekom!