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Desert Marigold Fairy

Even though she’s shy, our Desert Marigold Fairy will always have a delicate smile for you. She loves the story of Goldilocks, and secretly hopes that her yellow flower's petals are as charming as her favorite character’s golden locks.

Did you know that Desert Marigold is native to the dry regions of America? You can find it in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Sonora, Mexico. Marigold’s name is derived from “Mary’s Gold”, as the flower was associated with the Virgin Mary in the Middle Ages.

Desert Marigold has one of the longest flowering seasons. It starts blooming with bright yellow flowers in March, and will continue to bloom until November. Birds love to eat its pale tan seeds. The seeds that spread on the ground will give birth to new plants in the following year.

It was proven that Desert Marigold is poisonous to goats and sheep, but not to cattle and horses. Researchers at Arizona State University have extracted Desert Marigold compounds, which might help in cancer therapy.


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