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Strawberry Baby

Once you see our sweet Strawberry Baby, it will be a love at first sight. It’s a delicious feeling to have him around!

Did you know that Strawberry, or Fragraria, is native to the Americas and Eurasia? Even though its name ends in “berry”, Strawberry is not a botanical berry, but belongs to the Rose family. The origin of its name can be found in the Old English “streawberige”, a word associating straw and berry. 

The Garden Strawberry is a hybrid first bred in France in the 1750s by crossing the wild Virginia strawberry, native to North America, and a Chilean variety. Its red juicy sweet flavored fruit is one of the most popular delicacies all over the world.

The Strawberry’s particularly savory aroma made it become a very popular flavor for many culinary products.



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