FREE SHIPPING on orders $100+ * RETAIL DISCOUNT CODES: TAKE5 (5% off starting at 5 dolls), TAKE10 (10% off starting at 10 dolls), TAKE15 (15% off starting at 15 dolls), TAKE20 (20% off starting at 20 dolls) *

Wholesale FAQs

Eco Flower Fairies LLC is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Ambrosius Prodcom Romania. 
The prices listed on this website are our retail prices. If you would like to become our U.S. wholesale vendor please contact us at or check out the information below. 
Do you accept wholesale vendors outside the U.S.?
Normally we don't. We are the U.S. brand and distributor of Ambrosius Prodcom SRL, a Romanian based manufacturing team, and we limit our activity domestically.
For wholesale inquiries outside the U.S. please contact the owner of the manufacturing team, Mrs. Katalin Pozsony, at
If the manufacturing team does not accept new vendors due to limited production capabilities and you are redirected to us then we can make an exception and further address your wholesale inquiry.


Are there any other US distributors of Ambrosius Prodcom Romania?
No, Eco Flower Fairies is its exclusive distributor. All Eco Flower Fairies (Ambrosius) dolls sold by various US retailers are purchased directly from us. 
Are the prices listed on your website your wholesale prices?
No, they are our retail prices. Our wholesale vendors have access to the Wholesale section of our website, where they get the discounted prices.
Who can become your wholesale vendor?
Any online or brick and mortar store in the U.S. can get our dolls at wholesale prices as long as they order a minimum amount of 20 dolls.
We also offer wholesale opportunities to individuals interested in reselling them (at school events, seasonal fairs etc.), as long as they order a minimum amount of 20 dolls.
What are your shipping terms for your wholesale vendors?
We offer free shipping for orders of minimum $300.00. For lower orders the shipping costs are passed on to the vendor.
What is the first step in becoming a wholesale vendor?
Please create a customer account on our website or contact us by email at and ask us to create one for you.
After that, we turn your account into a wholesale account, which will give you access to the wholesale section of our website. 
How can a wholesale vendor apply for a Net30 agreement?
First you need to have at least two orders paid online before you can apply for a Net30 agreement. After you decide your preferences regarding payment and packaging we will send you a customized form that needs to be filled out, signed and sent back to us.
What are your packaging options?

What are your terms for custom dolls?
To create new custom dolls or to immediately put in production the out-of-stock dolls we require a minimum order of 50 dolls per model. The delivery time is up to three months.
Currently due to limited production capabilities we are unable to take custom orders. 
What is the delivery time for the items in stock?
The items in stock are shipped within 3 business days or less, depending on the volume of orders. 

How can you tell how many dolls you have in stock for each skin tone for the dolls that come in more than one skin tone?
If you select the desired skin tone from the "Skin tone" drop down menu (which can be "fair, light, medium or dark"), the picture of that doll will become the main picture of the page. On its right, above the price, the inventory quantity will automatically get updated for that skin tone as well. If the doll is available in stock it will say, for instance, "We have: 10 in stock". If it's out of stock the blue "ADD TO CART" button will turn into a gray inactive "SOLD OUT" button.  

Are the wholesale vendors allowed to reuse your pictures?

As a courtesy for becoming our vendor you are allowed to use the individual pictures and information of each doll listed on your website for re-selling purposes. You cannot use the watermarked artistic pictures which we purchased from a third party, and you cannot use our artistic pictures without our prior consent.

What are your marketing terms?
By becoming our vendor you agree that your business name, location and website can be listed as a business reference on our website.

What is your sampling policy?
Because we pay for all of our dolls and have a very limited inventory we do not offer discounts for sample purposes.

What is your returns and refunds policy?
Our products are guaranteed to be free from defects. We accept returns in original unopened individual packaging or undamaged bulk dolls. We refund the value of the returned purchase, but do not refund the costs of the original and return shipping.