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Sunflower Fairy

Happy and cheery, our Sunflower Fairy will always lift spirits. Following the Sun, she teaches us about loyalty and staying true to who we are!

Did you know that Sunflower, or Helianthus annuus, is native to North America? It belongs to the large Asteraceae family, and it stands out for being widely cultivated for centuries as food crops for meal and oil, and as ornamental plants.

Sunflower is usually very tall, growing to heights of 20” to 150” or more! Its bright yellow showy, sunlike flowerheads are very attractive to bees and birds. It grows best in locations with full sun, and it prefers long, hot summers to flower well. Its unique behavior to always turn its head to follow the path of the sun is called phototropism, and inspired many stories about loyalty and constancy.

Artists throughout history have appreciated the Sunflower’s unique splendor, especially those of the Impressionist era. It has also become recognized as a floral symbol of great significance.



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