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Story Time with Mrs.S

Eco Flower Fairies is beyond honored and trilled to launch "Story Time with Mrs. S"!

Who is Mrs. S you might wonder? We discovered her on Instagram :), she is Sabine Van Deudekom, an amazing photographer from the Netherlands whose page The seasonfairies and friends has the most wonderful story telling pictures featuring our lovely dolls. We can't get enough of them and are in love with her work, it's a kind of magic! <3

"Story Time with Mrs. S" will feature some of the cutest enchanted stories written by Sabine and illustrated with her amazing pictures. Stay tuned, the first story is coming very soon! 

Until then, enjoy her first picture published with us, for which she convinced her forest gnomes to build a swing for their fairy friends. Sunflower, Red Poppy, Daisy and Dandelion are waving in delight, a swing for these beautiful summer days is the best idea! <3

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