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Golden Poppy Fairy

Meet our merry Golden Poppy Fairy, who makes you fall in love with her joyous beauty every spring. She're really good at bringing a smile to every face!

Did you know that Golden Poppy is native to the Unites States? The one that you find in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, and in Sonora, Mexico, is known as Mexican Gold Poppy, while the one in California is simply called California Poppy. California is so proud of it that it was voted its Official State Flower. Different varieties of Golden Poppy are also spread throughout Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and New Mexico.
Golden Poppy blooms in spring, when its bright yellow or orange flowers add spectacular touches of color to any landscape. In summer, the flowers turn into small capsules filled with tiny dark seeds that spread on the ground to bring new plants in the following year.
The Native Americans used its leaves for healing purposes, and its pollen for beauty purposes. Its seeds are widely used in delicious foods and desserts!



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