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Ocotillo Fairy

Our charming Ocotillo Fairy turns heads wherever you are in the desert, because she is the easiest to recognize. But make sure you don’t call her a cacti, otherwise you will be immediately asked to learn more about her!

Did you know that Ocotillo is native to the desert regions of America? You can find it in Arizona, Texas, California, and also in Mexico. It can grow as high as 20 feet, and can live over 100 years!

Even though it is a very spiny shrub, it is not a true cactus. In spring, it blooms in wonderful crimson clusters, and its flowers are loved by hummingbirds and carpenter bees. 

Its fresh flowers make a delicious salad, or can be dried and used for herbal tea. Ocotillo makes a great fencing, because its spines stop people and animals from passing through.


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