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A Friend in Need

Follow us on YouTube and watch the video narrated by Sabine or read the story below. Enjoy!

Today is a perfect day to go fishing. Chip has already packed all his things and is ready to go.

He just happens to know the most wonderful and peaceful place to fish. It's his secret fishing spot.

Nobody knows about it and he has to row his raft quite far to reach it.

Fortunately, there is little wind today and the water is calm, so it’s an easy trip.

Look, there it is! Doesn't it look beautiful?

Chip docks alongside the lily pad and collects his fishing gear.

He finds himself a nice spot in the sun and throws out his fishing rod.

For hours he comfortably sits next to a gorgeous looking waterlily enjoying the peace and quiet while the sun warms his little face.

When he finally decides to return home, he is shocked.
His raft! It has drifted!

Oh no! he wails as he sees the raft drift further and further away. How do I get home now?!

Not far from there, Strawbert and Fraise are taking a walk by the lake when they suddenly see a raft floating not far from the shore.

Strawbert is taking a closer look: Hey, isn't that Chip's raft? How strange!

Wait for me here, he tells Fraise while boldly jumping on the raft.

Then suddenly he hears his friend calling for help and sees him waving from the water lilies in the distance.

What are you doing here, all alone on the water, Strawbert says. Don’t you know that is way too dangerous?!

To be honest, Chip didn’t think about that at all. Next time he shouldn't go alone or at least let someone know about his whereabouts.

I'm so grateful you were there to help me, Chip sighs with relief when they row home.

And I am glad I was in the right place at the right time, says Strawbert.

Meanwhile the swans also heard Chip calling and came to see if they can be of any help. 

All’s well when it ends well, says the great white swan while watching the two friends return home.

Oh, Strawbert, you ‘re so brave! Fraise praises him. Here is something to sweeten your day! A strawberry and a big hug!


Forest Gnome as Chip
Wild Strawberry Prince as Strawbert
Wild Strawberry Fairy as Fraise

Story and Video:
Sabine Van Deudekom © 
Instagram @the-seasonfairies-and-friends, the Netherlands

Handmade Felt Dolls:
Katalin Pozsony © Ambrosius Prodcom SRL, Romania

Nicoleta Taylor © Eco Flower Fairies LLC, USA

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