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Home Sweet Home

Follow us on YouTube and watch the video narrated by Sabine or read the story below. Enjoy!

It is a beautiful summer morning. Sprok just woke up and stretches out on the balcony. He is planning to work on the garden today. His very own garden!


It has been quite a long time since Sprok came to stay with Mrs.S in one of her pollard willows. It was last fall, he had just become homeless because his tree in the forest had been cut down.

That’s when Mrs.S found him and offered him a temporary shelter but he has stayed with her ever since.


 Last week Mrs.S told him the best thing ever! He, his nephew Chip, and their Great-Uncle Blue, can stay in the pollard willow for good! What a joy! And now that they can really call the pollard willow their home, he can't wait to make everything as cozy and homey as possible.


Yesterday he and Chip spent all day putting up a garden fence together, and today they are going to lay a garden path with the stones they got from Mrs.S.


Just look at this big pile of stones. The stones are very heavy so they asked some of their fairy friends to come and help them.


Sprok and Chip already start by taking the first stone together and placing it on the wheelbarrow. They use the wheelbarrow so they don’t have to carry the heavy stones all the way to the garden by hand.


Ah look, the troop has arrived!


Reed and Cereal lift a second stone on to the wheelbarrow. Clover is getting ready to bring the first stones to the garden.


Great-Uncle Blue looks around the corner of the front door. Do you need another helping hand?


No thank you, Great-Uncle Blue, says Sprok, just leave this hard work to us youngsters, says Sprok. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.


The pile of stones keeps getting smaller and the garden path is already starting to take shape.


Just when Clover starts pushing the wheelbarrow with another load of stones, the wheelbarrow suddenly loses its balance. Oh noooo! Clover shouts. The stones are going to fall off!


Quickly Sprok pulls his nephew away from the wheelbarrow.


The others come rushing down to check if anyone is hurt. Luckily they are all doing fine.


I think we all need a little break, says Sprok, when Daisy and Poppy arrive both holding a basket.


They gather around the girls to take a look in the baskets. Mmmm, fresh bread rolls! Cereal cheers out.


After they have all eaten together, they finish the garden path. Daisy and Poppy sweep the stones so that everything looks spick and span.


It looks beautiful you guys! Mrs.S compliments them when she comes to see the work they have all done.


 And to top it off, she says, I have a present for you. Look, now you also have a mailbox.


 The gnomes and fairies are thrilled! How wonderful! Our very own mailbox! Thank you Mrs.S!


Created for Eco Flower Fairies by Sabine Van Deudekom

@ Sabine Van Deudekom /The Seasonfairies and Friends

Follow the links below to learn more about the Casting of this story:

Forest Gnome with Pouch as Sprok 
Forest Gnome as Chip 
Cave Gnome as Great Uncle Blue 
Wheat Fairy as Cereal
Cattail Prince as Reed
Clover Prince as Clover
Red Poppy Fairy as Poppy
Common Daisy Fairy as Daisy



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