Custom-Made Dolls

Create a custom, handmade replica doll of your own family and friends. Surprise your loved ones with a gift they’ll cherish forever: a personalized Waldorf doll handmade by Ambrosius that looks just like them!

This is something that you need to plan for ahead of time. The delivery date for a custom doll can be up to three months after you get your order confirmation. Yes, it takes a while until we handmake each of them in Romania but we promise you it is worth waiting! 

How to place a custom order

  • Use the pictures below as a guideline to get an idea of what you want.
  • Email us at info@ecoflowerfairies.com the following information for each doll (or use the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page):

- type (i.e. boy, girl, etc., or boy1, boy2, etc. if there is more than one for the same type)
- skin tone (i.e. light, exotic, native , or dark)
- hair color (i.e. blonde, ginger, brown, black, white, or gray)
- hair length (i.e. short, medium, or long)
- hairstyle (i.e. straight, curly, loose, ponytail, pigtails or bun)
- outfit (describe your choice of colors and styles for clothes and accessories)

  • As soon as we get your message we'll get back to you with our quote that will have a discount depending on the number of dolls that you order, and a delivery estimate. 
  • To confirm your order we'll kindly ask you for a 30% payment in advance that will be invoiced via PayPal. 

Girl (3.5", $30.90)

Boy (4", $28.90)

Baby (2.5", $15.90)

Mother (4.5", $32.90)


Father (5", $32.90)


Grandmother (4.5", $34.90)


Grandfather (5", $34.90)


Handmade eco-friendly collectible Waldorf wool felt doll

Type: doll with bendable arms and legs
Feature: bendable arms and legs which will allow you to change its pose
Environmentally friendly materials: wool felt, wool, cotton interlock knit, cotton thread, cotton fabric, pipe cleaner wire, wood, recycled paper, non-toxic textile paint
Packaging: recyclable cardstock and biodegradable cellophane
Manufacturer: handcrafted in Romania by Ambrosius Prodcom SRL for Eco Flower Fairies, exclusive distributor for the United States

Warning: Choking hazard! Carefully remove and dispose of its cellophane bag before using it.
Disclaimer: This is a custom handmade doll. Because of that, minor differences will occur between the doll that you purchase and the doll featured in the picture.


Mother and Baby

Family of Seven

Family of Four

Family of Seven