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Learning Time with Eco Flower Fairies

Ocotillo Fairy

Our charming Ocotillo Fairy turns heads wherever you are in the desert, because she is the easiest to recognize. But make sure you don’t call her a cacti, otherwise you will be immediately asked to learn more about her!

Golden Poppy Fairy

Meet our merry Golden Poppy Fairy, who makes you fall in love with her joyous beauty every spring. She're really good at bringing a smile to every face!

Desert Star Fairy

Meet our dreamy Desert Star Fairy, who will make you daydream of the stars that shine at night upon the desert. Could you guess her favorite song? It’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, of course.

Lemon Fairy

Even though she seems a little sour, our Lemon Fairy is very sweet when it comes to our health. If you give her Lemon potion a chance, you will feel a lot healthier!

Orange Fairy

If you wonder which fairies use their powers to look after our health, meet our sweet Orange Fairy. Her magic Orange potion with lots of yummy vitamin C does wonders for everybody’s health!

Zinnia Fairy

Thoughtful and wise, our Zinnia Fairy always has a good word for everybody. She makes true friendships, and you can always count on her!

Desert Marigold Fairy

Even though she’s shy, our Desert Marigold Fairy will always have a delicate smile for you. She loves the story of Goldilocks, and secretly hopes that her yellow flower's petals are as charming as her favorite character’s golden locks.

Bellflower Fairy

Our musical Bellflower Fairy loves to make her flower sing in the wind. This magic music can only be heard by those who believe in fairies!

Rose Fairy

Our romantic Rose Fairy always sighs happily at the thought that her flower is the symbol of love and beauty. If you kindly ask hershe can tell you many love stories that started with a Rose!

Morning Glory Fairy

If you wake up early in the morning, you can join our youthful Morning Glory Fairy, and welcome the first sun rays together. You can tell that’s her favorite time of day!

Cherry Baby

Meet our cherished Baby Cherry, who loves to do acrobatic swings on the branches of his Cherry tree. He’s definitely not afraid of heights!

Daisy Fairy

Our innocent Daisy Fairy loves merry children skipping joyfully on the summer meadows among cheerful daisies in bloom. She makes sure that children and flowers are best friends forever!